THC: 19+%

CBD: .05%

Haze, or “Original Haze”, is pure sativa cross between Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, and South India plant genetics. The origins of this strains were said to have first sprouted up in California during the 60’s.

Unlike most strains, Haze has a longer than usual harvest time (14+ weeks) making it rare in local dispensaries. If you stumble upon this legendary strain be sure to grab it!

Patients who used this strain saw an increase in focus and creativity. Get up, get things done, and be happy with this pure sativa dominant strain.

Colombia, Mexico, Thailand & South India

Happy, Energy, Euphoric, Uplifted, Creative

Stress, Pain, Depression, Appetite, Fatigue

Earthy, Spicey, Citrus

Not Available in NJ
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