Golden Goat

THC: 20%

CBD: .04%

Golden Goat is a cross between Hawaiian, Island Sweet Skunk, and Romulan indica originally bred in Topeka, Kansas. THC levels can reach 23% with CBD levels around 1% producing an overwhelming sense of happiness.

The light green buds are covered in orange hairs with a golden layer of trichomes. The sativa dominant of this hybrid will provide happy, euphoric, and uplifting feelings that will last for hours. Golden Goats traces of Romulan indica genetics can provide a slight body high to go along with the cerebral effects.

Patients have also reported improvements in anxiety, stress, insomnia, and pain with this strain.

Hawaiian, Island Skunk, & Romulan

Uplifted, Relaxed, Happy

Fatigue, Pain, Stress, Depression

Earthy, Sweet, Citrus