Hindu Kush

THC: 15%

CBD: .03%

Hindu Kush is one of the original landrace strains that is made up of pure indica. The origin of this strain come from the Hindu Mountains between the Pakistan & Afghanistan border.

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The Hindu Kush and Passes Between the Kabul and Oxus by Royal Geographical Society (Great Britain)

Effects for Hindu Kush will help relieve pain and depression while providing a full-body high great for relaxing or getting to sleep. The effects will leave you feeling sedated from the pure indica genetics of the strain.

Genetics from this strain can be seen across a wide range of indica and hybrids. Popular phenotypes of Hindu Kush include Violator Kush & Pot of Gold.

Pure Indica

Relaxed, Sleep, Happy, Euphoric, Uplifted

Pain, Sleep, Depression, Appetite, Stress

Earthy, Woody, Sweet