Legalize Marijuana NJ

5 Reasons Why
NJ Should Legalize Marijuana

There is a line drawn between those who support marijuana legalization and those against. Skeptics are concerned about the safety, security, and financial risk associated with the industry. Others firmly believe legalizing will do nothing at all. What we do see is states with marijuana legalization have shown economic growth, reduction in crime rate, less drug-related charges, and drop in drug addiction.

State Crime

Crime Scene tape

New Jersey is home to cities like Camden, Newark, and Paterson which have a combined 154 murders, 2,931 robberies, and 2,538 assaults in this year alone.

Adding this new tax revenue stream will give the state proper funding to address the real threat in our more violent city and towns. Focusing less time on crime in low populated areas will allow time to combat the large scale problems in some of the more hostile city/towns.

Legalization would also protect the peaceful marijuana users from prosecution and allow law enforcement to focus on more critical tasks like violent gang activity and other major crimes.

Drug Addiction

Studies show that marijuana can help minimize the withdrawal symptoms from many severe addictions like Heroin and alcohol.

Opioid abuse in our state is a dangerous and widespread problem. The previous administrations introduced a bill that would drastically reduce the number of painkillers obtained from a 30-day supply to just 5 days during your first prescription. Reductions in prescription supply will only fuel addiction making it more likely to seek other choices like Heroin.

Heroin has taken 3,862 lives from 2010 – 2015 in New Jersey including a 20%+ increase in heroin-related deaths. The addiction rate has skyrocketed nationwide and it is now time to control this epidemic at least at a state-level.

Economic Growth

New Jersey economy with legalized marijuana

Many overlook how legalization could generously expand the economy of NJ. The marijuana industry rapidly expands over the first 3 years instantly providing a new revenue stream.

  • In Colorado – The total revenue from taxes, licenses, and fees increased 77% from calendar year 2014 to 2015, going from $76,152,468 up to $135,100,465.
  • In 2015, total revenue from retail marijuana accounted for $108,783,986, or 81% of all marijuana revenue.
  • Excise tax revenue dedicated to school capital construction assistance was $35,060,590 in 2015.
  • Retail marijuana excise tax $ 13,341,001 (+163% from prior year)

Local businesses will also see financial benefits through the marijuana industry. Every dispensary will need the basic start up items like grow lights, pots, and soil which can be bought by garden store. Dispensaries also need other workers like electricians, plumbers and building engineers on top of their normal employees.

Population & Land

Picture of Sunrise Mountain in NJSunrise Mountain – Sussex County, NJ

New Jersey is home to 8.9 million residents with an average household income of $72,093. The state is 7,354 mi² with a population density of 1,218 / mi². Although Colorado is much larger in land area, New Jersey has a greater population density and tri-state population which makes it an interesting market for the marijuana industry. NJ’s one of the highest populated states by land area in the US.

Tri-state Population 

New York –  8.4 Million
Pennsylvania – 12.7 Million
New Jersey – 8.9 Million
Total: 31.1 Million

State marijuana laws will determine the production process of the dispensary. There is no shortage of warehouses or dispensary-size buildings that are in high traffic business areas across NJ. Large acres of land are also openly available in northern parts of the state which will attract large-scale operations.

State Infrastructure

image of a road closed with cones

This new revenue will provide a much-needed upgrade to our roadways, buildings, and state-level systems. It’s no secret how poorly our state is doing with innovation and maintenance. Productivity is extremely important in progressing, yet some of our state agencies are working with broken or obsolete technology.

Adding more funds to the state budget will give our officials the time to upgrade railways to be less dangerous, adding lanes to highly congested highways, and even bring back a basketball team.

Why is marijuana illegal?

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The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 added the marijuana plant to the schedule 1 drug list for controlled dangerous substances with LSD, Meth, & DMT. This shut down the ability for medical and scientific research that companies and institutions can conduct on marijuana without fear of federal prosecution.

The silver lining is that states have passed bills protecting their residents from state prosecution. Reports have shown that teen use of marijuana has dropped, CBD is being used by professional athletes openly, and more industries are focusing on hemp manufacturing. This is New Jersey opportunity to make a positive change.

Other medical conditions treated with marijuana:
Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Seizure, ALS, Multiple sclerosis (MS), Muscular dystrophy, Inflammatory bowel disease (IBS), Crohn’s disease…. and much more to be discovered.

Legalization is the future of NJ

There is no denying that the nation is pro-marijuana according to recent polls. NJ residents, senators, and assemblyman are fully supportive of the marijuana industry. Bills are being introduced by senators of states that have marijuana bills passed to help dispensaries obtain bank accounts, fair tax rates, and expungements of some marijuana-related drug charges for their residents. This is the right time for NJ to legalize marijuana.

Check out the links below to get in touch with your congressman and senators to let them know your support the legalization of marijuana in NJ.


Sen. Bob Menendez
Hart Senate Office Building, Room 528 – 120 Constitution Avenue, NE -Washington DC 20510-3005

Phone: (202) 224-4744 | Fax: (202) 228-2197

One Gateway Center – Newark NJ 07102-5323

Sen. Cory Booker
Dirksen Senate Office Building, Room 359 – 100 Constitution Avenue, NE – Washington DC 20510-3007

Phone: (202) 224-3224 | Fax: (202) 224-8378 | Email: [email protected]

Gateway One, Suite 2300 | 11-43 Raymond Plaza West – Newark NJ 07102